Teaching as inquiry


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Primary professional development solutions

“The key competencies are widely seen as an interesting “new” aspect of The New Zealand Curriculum and so have been a common entry point for many schools’ exploration of the national curriculum” 

NZCER Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies 2011

  • Gathering evidence for learning. We will work with you on how you can use the key competencies as a means to rethink practice and gather evidence of learning.
  • Challenging students. We will work with you on teaching practices that support students learning to strengthen the five key competencies.
  • Monitoring development. Teachers are looking at new and different ways of capturing evidence of student work, giving students the opportunity to be engaged and involved in capturing their own learning. Our facilitators can help you to explore a variety of online and other tools that enable your students to monitor their key competency development.
  • Primary
  • Secondary

We believe the best way for you to take advantage of our engaging professional learning opportunities is to work with us as a whole school or cluster with other schools.