HīAko explores the idea of learning through play and awakening the potential within.


Kia hīanga te ako!

Atua, tipua, tawhito, tangata
Ngā Koha Atua
Tuku atu, tuku mai
Me ko Māui tonu koe
HīAko tuku atu, HīAko tuku mai,
e ko HīAko e - Hi!

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HīAko is a kaupapa Māori inquiry learning challenge founded on Maui-tikitiki-a-Taranga. It is fun, fast paced and utilises a design process where ākonga think of solutions to real life problems that matter to them. HīAko goes beyond the typical classroom setting, extending its reach to involve whānau, kura, hapū and iwi. Community support, and the establishment of a future learning pathway for ākonga is part of HīAko.

HīAko is based on four Māori medium learning approaches:

  • Kia hīanga te ako – discover as you play, play to learn
  • Kia tamaiti te tū, kia Māori te tū – being a child whilst standing in your Māoriness
  • Mā te tamaiti tōna ao e hanga – the child will create his or her own world
  • Ko te tamaiti ko tōna whānau, ko te whānau ko tōna tamaiti – each child brings with them whānau, whakapapa, stories and knowledge that are unique.

Phase one

A virtual professional learning webinar for kaiako as facilitators; facilitating ākonga to think, innovate and problem solve rather than providing possible solutions. This phase involves a 1 hour webinar for kaiako to outline the kaupapa Māori based philosophy and outcomes of HīAko prior to the commencement of the 2 day event.

Phase two

A two-day event designed to accelerate outcomes.

Day One

The first day ākonga are encouraged to consider real life problems that matter to them by generating accelerated solutions. CORE facilitators will organise confidence and team building games within a stimulating environment so ākonga and their skills thrive. Ākonga will showcase their ideas to industry mentors allowing them an opportunity to broaden their scope contributing to ākonga and their solutions in a significant way.

Day Two

On day two, ākonga will continue to work through a specific design process to develop their solutions to problems. To conclude the event ākonga will showcase their solutions to problems to a panel of judges. This is a designated time specifically for whānau, hapū, iwi and the community to gather together and be inspired by ākonga and their collective ideas.

Who's it for?

Ākonga tau 6-8 mai ngā kura, ngā Kura ā-Iwi, ngā Kura/Akomanga Rumaki (Total Immersion Schools/Classrooms), Ngā Kura/Akomanga Reo Rua (Bi-lingual Schools/Classrooms).