iNVENTIONATOR is a team based challenge designed for students to co-create innovative solutions to real-life problems.


What’s it about?

iNVENTIONATOR is designed to awaken a wide range of student talents through innovation and teamwork. At its heart, the programme aims to empower learners to solve real-life problems that matter. We want young people to PLAY. THINK. DESIGN.

This dynamic programme replicates elements of solution incubation, a process commonly used in industry to stimulate innovation. CORE has modified this approach for students in the context of school curriculum and delivery ‒ with great success.

The final phase of the 4-6 week programme involves industry involvement, reinforcing the real-world focus. It’s an ideal professional learning experience for teachers and provides the opportunity for whānau and those in the community to contribute to student learning. 

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How does it work?

The programme takes 4-6 weeks and can be customised to suit. There are virtual options available too. 

Phase One

Teacher induction through an immersive professional learning experience, to build competencies and capabilities in preparation for the next step.

Phase Two

In-school implementation of the programme over 2-4 weeks. Using online resources, the students work in groups to complete challenges. During this time, students and teachers are selected to participate in the final phase.

Phase Three

A two-day collaborative event with programme mentors and judges from industry. This event includes a competitive team pitch element and is designed to accelerate outcomes. It can take place virtually if required.


"Thank you for nurturing young, creative brains. All of your facilitators were so lovely and supportive, you reminded me of fairies. Educators like you and your team are truly inspiring and necessary for our beautiful tamariki. My kids enjoyed it so much and dream now of becoming CEOs." Rowandale School


Who’s it for?

English-medium learning communities. iNVENTIONATOR can be sized to suit a school community or Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako with the potential to involve large numbers of students, teachers, whānau and beyond.

Length of time

4 - 6 weeks, customised to suit.


  • Build capabilities and competencies of learners and teachers.
  • Be ready to engage in an increasingly digital and globalised world. 
  • Learn about design thinking and innovation processes.
  • Grow creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Enable STEAM related learning.
  • Create a direct connection between industry and young people.

Read about the winning team from the Gifted and Talented virtual event in September 2020,  Youngsters solving the world's problems, one tooth paste tube at a time case study (PDF, 193KB)

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