Build a shared understanding between early learning services and schools


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In this video, educators reflect on how important it is to establish, build and strengthen reciprocal relationships and effective communication pathways. Educators share the impact of listening to different experiences, perspectives and cultural expertise to inform thinking and improve transition processes and practices. 

“Me ka moemoeaa au, ko au anake; Me ka moemoeaa taatau, ka taea e taatau.

If I were to dream alone only I would benefit. If we were to dream together, we could achieve anything.” p.24

Reflections for kaiako, educators, and teams

After watching this video, think about the connections between early learning services and schools in your learning community.

  • Reflect on the time you spend to connect and build relationships across early learning services and schools. Identify the shared understandings you have. How familiar are you with the values, tikanga, and expectations of each learning context? What will be familiar for tamariki and their whānau when they transition?

  • Discuss the information about the school that early learning services share with tamariki. Is this information translated into home languages? ​​Is information shared in multiple formats?

  • Reflect on the time spent visiting the tamaiti in their early learning service. How might this time ensure they are listened to? How well is this time spent connecting and collaborating with educators to ensure successful learning pathways for all tamariki?

  • How might you find ways to invite tamariki to visit the school with their whānau and early learning service educator?

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