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In this video, tamariki and whānau from Kaiapoi North School share their experience of using the tuakana-teina approach. Educators explored how they could ensure that tamariki were building happy connections within their new learning environment. They revamped the school’s buddy system using the concept of tuakana-teina relationship. The tamariki at Kaiapoi North were co-designers of the buddy system with their teachers. They brought valuable insights and ideas on how the system should work.

“I felt nervous because I didn’t know anyone. I felt better when someone played with me.” (Tamaiti) p.37

Reflections for kaiako, educators and teams

Explore how you can help tamariki develop a sense of belonging:

  • Reflect on when, where and how you listen to experiences of tamariki about starting school. Have you asked tamariki to share what makes them feel happy when they come to school? What other ways might there be? 
  • Who can you learn more from about helping tamariki develop a sense of belonging when they transition to school?
  • Reflect on ways you can ask whānau to share what is important to them when their child comes to school. How can you support these conversations to happen naturally with whānau who speak different languages and are from different cultural backgrounds? How might you find a cultural support person from your staff or community for this whānau and tamariki?
  • How can you strengthen tuakana-teina relationships to support tamariki to develop a sense of belonging and familiarity in your learning community? 

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