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In this video, educators share their ideas about tamariki transitioning from early learning centres to primary school. Together with whānau, they remind us of the importance of working in true partnership to understand the experiences of tamariki during transitions. Educators discuss the value of listening to and checking back with whānau, and the impact this has had on their practice.

“It is about building a bridge between home and school. Having home at school, and school at home - extending the village of attachment between home and school.” (Whānau voice) p. 14

Reflections for kaiako, educators, and teams

After watching this video, think about how you connect with tamariki and their whānau in your learning community, with the following provocations:

  • Identify the ways you might invite whānau to share their knowledge and experience of their tamariki with you.
  • How might you show whānau how you have readied the learning community for their tamariki?
  • As a team, discuss ways you stagger information about your learning community for whānau and tamariki, so that information is only shared when it is needed. Consider how whānau like to receive information in your learning community.
  • Reflect on how well this information is translated into home languages. Have you found a cultural support person on your staff or in your community with whānau?
  • Work with colleagues to identify a range of actions you can take to build true partnerships with whānau and find out what matters to them.
  • In your learning community, create a tool kit (or review your current one) for starting school to support whānau and reduce their anxiety. Ask whānau and tamariki who have been through the transition process to inform the design and content.

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