Understand the power of teacher inquiry


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In this video, educators reflect on their transformative journey of teacher inquiry and action research. They learned how to take time to research, gather observations, and investigate rather than jumping into solving the problem or making assumptions. Learning to be teacher researchers and using different types of data empowered educators to become more agile, innovative, and courageous.  

“... we gradually began to understand a different way of working where the ideas and understanding came out of slowing down, taking time, discussing and letting the thinking happen.” (Kaiako) p.20

Reflections for kaiako, educators and teams

  • As a team, reflect on how well you work together on questions about teaching practice. 

  • Do you gather data from different sources: tamariki (drawings, conversations and observations); whānau (surveys and focus rōpū conversations); early learning services (conversations and hui)? What strategies might you use? What other ways might there be?

  • As a team, how might you share your learnings about supporting successful transitions to school to create shifts in practice and understandings in your learning community? 

  • As a team, how might you create professional development and learning opportunities between early learning services and schools to collaborate on jointly designed research and professional learning projects?

  • As leaders, how might you allocate paid release time for educators to undertake in-depth research and professional learning?

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