EPS1: A self-evaluation tool for teachers


The Educational Positioning System (EPS 1.0 for ICTs) was developed as an online tool to enable teachers and principals to identify the ways in which they are supporting learning about, with or through ICTs. The purpose of the project was to provide teachers with a mechanism, facilitating them to self-evaluate the effectiveness of their use of ICTs for teaching and learning. The tool was designed to help teachers to critically evaluate their own practices and progress with ICTs, and to help principals to evaluate the extent of whole school usage.

The EPS system was trialled in nine schools to obtain data about how useful teachers found the system for fostering a deeper understanding of the educational value of students’ use of ICTs, and for promoting a culture of professional learning and critical self-reflection.

Key findings: 

The feedback from the trial schools indicated that, to be effective, the EPS for ICTs website should be used as part of a group workshop or series of professional development sessions, giving teachers the opportunity to discuss the results obtained from their EPS for ICTs maps. Teachers should be encouraged to keep a record of their EPS for ICT activity in order to evaluate their ongoing progress in assimilating ICTs into teaching and learning. The EPS for ICTs online tool provides valuable information for schools embarking on a development process that can be used again at a later stage to provide evidence of where progress has been made.

Feedback provided identifies relative strengths, which can be targeted in future development activities and provides feedback to suggest the next steps that may be taken. An improved system, that enables whole school review, has been launched (EPS). This new model has been designed to enable teachers to establish what their educational landscape looks like and where they are located within it, as well as where the teacher would like to be and what they need to do to get there.