MyLearn Network of Provision Pilot


The MyLearn pilot provision involved six tertiary institutions collaborating to create a networked online learning environment for students who were enrolled on the New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDipBus). CORE Education evaluated this pilot.

The network enabled students who were enrolled at one institution to be able to use the network to study modules delivered at a different institution. The pilot was evaluated to determine its effectiveness and recommendations were made to guide future similar projects.

Key findings: 

The major success of the pilot was the smoothness of operation and the lack of issues in respect of the technological infrastructure. A number of the eLearning advisors in different institutions commented on the fact that students seemed to be unable to tell the difference between networked provision of learning and other eLearning courses.

The main concerns were with regards to the amount and quality of interaction between different participants, which varied depending upon their roles. In general, there was little online interaction between learners and despite the fact that the network provided a channel of communication between tutors it was not used extensively.


  • Changes should be made to the MyLearn network in the areas of project management, communication, tutor professional development and learning.
  • These changes should be negotiated with participants and be reviewed and modified.
  • Senior management of institutions involved in future projects should market and support raising awareness of networked initiatives within the institution and secure the necessary staff and resources to complement external funding.

Website: MyLearn

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