NZQA Evaluations of Self-review in the Tertiary Sector


Members of the CORE Education team have been selected and have undergone training to work with NZQA to evaluate the self-assessment processes of tertiary organisations in New Zealand. The evaluators visit individual organisations and review the internal self-assessment process. 

Key findings: 

The system is designed to:

  • Evaluate the quality and relevance of a tertiary education organisation’s self-assessment process
  • Evaluate how well a tertiary education organisation is responding to the needs and aspirations of learners and other stakeholders.
  • Evaluate findings about quality in the tertiary sector to inform policy development.

The external evaluation and review focuses on:

  • The valued outcomes at various levels – learner, employer, regional, community
  • The extent to which stakeholder needs are systematically determined and effectively addressed
  • The quality of the organisation’s self-assessment processes and results
  • The extent to which stakeholder outcomes, including value-added, are analysed honestly and transparently and are used to inform future programme design and delivery
  • A robust identification of the tertiary organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and an expectation that changes are being made in the interests of enhanced learner achievement
  • The external evaluation is a periodic process designed to support the tertiary education organisation in their self-assessment process in order to drive continuous improvement and performance.