1. Introduction - Vince Ham

Over the last twenty years and especially in the last ten, there has been a quiet, but significant e-learning revolution in New Zealand classrooms. From an infrequently used novelty, digital technologies have become commonplace, as have their corresponding policies, strategies, and initiatives. Taken together, four policy documents can be seen as representing and articulating the Ministry of Education’s central strategy for ICTs in education, as it has emerged and evolved over the first decade of the twenty-first century: Interactive Education (1998); Digital Horizons (2002); Enabling the 21st Century Learner (2006-2010); and Foundations for Discovery (2005). But if these documents represent the theory, it is the stories of their practice this book is intended to tell; those of the politicians and bureaucrats who authored them; and those of the managers, educators, and learners, who implemented and used ICTs and ICT infrastructure in their schools, centres, and classrooms.