Book reviews

Book reviews of "eLearnings: implementing a national strategy for ICT in Education, 1998–2010"


“This is a unique book which uses multiple voices to reflect on the implementation of a national strategy for ICT in education from 1998-2010. These voices range from classroom teachers to professional leaders, from policy developers, champions and politicians through to researchers and from localised initiatives to learning management systems. Although much is written about ICT this book is the first of its kind and sets the benchmark for other areas of education. Often policy initiatives are reported on only in the media or evaluated and reported in research journals. This book provides an accessible means of getting an insiders perspective. These series of chapters highlight the quiet revolution that has occurred in schools over last twenty years. This book highlights the multifaceted nature of the ICT journey from infrastructure to the importance of the individual teacher and student. I highly recommend this book for policymakers through to classroom teachers.”

- Professor Alister Jones (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Waikato University)



“eLearnings: implementing a national strategy for ICT in Education, 1998-2010 was the number one reference book for my recent literature review investigating how secondary schools should be spending their educational technology dollar. This book covered in detail the vision of the MOE and how specific teachers and decision makers went about implementing the ideologies. The book is told mostly from an easily readable first-person perspective yet contained enough APA references to all relevant material for aspiring researchers. Although primarily a history of our national strategy the final chapter is an excellent summary of current trends and where I believe New Zealand school should be heading. This book served as a great starting point to the history of eLearning in New Zealand and should be compulsory reading for the senior leadership team of your school.”

- Troy Smith (Head of ICT/Network Manager, Te Aroha College)