Research Reports

Following is a list of research reports written by CORE Staff. PDF versions of these reports are available to download.


Te Reo Māori Resources in English-medium - An exploratory paper

This piece of evaluative work is the second in a series. The first (Taking Stock of Māori Medium Educational Resources: Priorities, Gaps, and Futures?), focused on Reo Māori Resources in Māori-medium came out in 2017.

The project aims to gather ideas from a diversity of teachers in English-medium schools across Aotearoa about the types of reo Māori resources that will strengthen reo Māori teaching and learning. It also aims to inform future reo Māori resource development for these environments.

Te Reo Māori Resources in English-medium - An exploratory paper (PDF, 2.2 MB) (2018)

Kaikohekohe Education Trust Initiative

A research story, told through the voices of students and teachers, about changes to school and learning as the result of a community-wide initiative.

Kaikohekohe Education Trust Initiative (PDF, 1.4 MB) (2015)

Strategies to develop student agency

This resource is the result of a literature scan and a series of conversations with students and teachers from three New Zealand schools. The schools involved in this resource feature innovative learning environments (ILE). Students and teachers were asked similar questions about agency, and reviewed one another’s responses. Our approach identified ten conditions that foster agentic learners to support teachers, leaders, and learning communities to shift the ownership of learning. We hope you will use these conditions to:

  • explore new ideas, communicate challenges, and prompt learner focused discussions

  • use the ‘shifting the ownership of learning review tool’ to “take the temperature” of learner agency within your school or community

  • identify priorities and implement practices or systems that enable learner agency.

Download the resources designed by Jana Benson and Suzi Gould with support from the CORE whānau:

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