Innovative Learning Environments


By Mark Osborne.

The last decade or so has profoundly disrupted Western education. Many factors, including changes in society; globalisation; low-cost mobile devices; information storage; retrieval and storage networks; and, advances in our understanding of the way the human brain learns have meant that long-established practices in education have come under increasing scrutiny. One area that is currently under such scrutiny is the design of the buildings within which education takes place.

Flexible approaches should ensure access and full participation by all students, without lowering expectations or standards. As the New Zealand education system evolves its vision for future-focused learning, it’s also important to ensure that the innovations being developed are informed by sound research and developed in partnership with communities in order to meet the diverse and variable needs of learners.

Innovative Learning Environments

Innovative Learning Environments, by Mark Osborne (PDF, 1.5 MB)