Ten Trends 2009


Learning spaces/environments

Learning spaces/environments include…

  • Physical environments

  • Online environments

    • School

    • Personal

  • Immersive environments

  • The key thing that should determine design in each case is pedagogical intent.


Physical Learning Environment

Ref: Dr Kenn Fisher


Key Pedagogical Approaches

Ref: Dr Kenn Fisher


Linking pedagogical activities to spacial settings

Ref: Dr Kenn Fisher 


Learning Settings

Ref: Dr Kenn Fisher

School-based MLE

Ref: Derek  Wenmoth


Student view – PLE

Ref: Derek  Wenmoth


Recursive Environments

Discuss also the significance of Second Life and what can occur there

This example is a more focused example of what is emerging specifically for education



• Design of physical and virtual learning spaces/environments must be informed by pedagogical intent.

• We should be planning for a seamlessness between physical and virtual learning spaces.

• A student-centred view of this process is essential for success.