Ten Trends 2011


Networked Schools

In the networked age, our education institutions need to shift from the existing paradigm of operating in relative isolation (even competition) to being more collaborative and working as a node on the education network. The model that is emerging is referred to as the Networked School
Ref: Derek's blog: Towards the networked school

  • Learning Communities Online – The term Learning Community Online refers to a group of schools that are bound together by formal agreement to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students across electronic networks. A new handbook will be released from the MoE in support of these schools in 2011.
  • Virtual learning network– This is a social learning community where teachers, learners, school leaders and facilitators connect, join virtual programmes/projects, share experiences, and develop new ways to support learning using ICTs.
  • UFB schools – The NZ Government is providing 97 per cent of schools with access to fibre over the next six years as part of its ultra-fast broadband and rural broadband initiatives. This will bring about enormous opportunities for schools to operate in quite different ways.