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Karakia are Māori incantations and prayers, used to invoke spiritual guidance and protection.

They are generally used to increase the spiritual goodwill of a gathering, so as to increase the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

Our karakia pack includes three karakia which have been created with the child in mind. The aim is to encourage a respect, awareness and an appreciation for the world in which we live.

The three karakia are:

Karakia o te ata - This karakia is used to welcome the new day in and can be used to open the morning in the classroom.

Karakia whakakapi - This karakia is used at the end of the day or the finish of school.

Karakia mō te kai - This karakia is used at the beginning of meal times to bless and give thanks for the meal.


Purchase of this resource also gains you free access to our online support website where the translations of all karakia are available and the supporting sound files.


Product details:

This pack contains a set of all 3, full colour A3 posters.


Contact us at arareomaori@core-ed.ac.nz for further information or bulk orders.

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Weight: 6500g

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Height: 29.7cm

Depth: 42cm