Professional Learning Facilitator

Matalena Tuiloma :
Region: Canterbury/Chatham Islands
Matalena Tuiloma Full shot CORE Education


Masters of Education (Inclusive and Special Education, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Culturally responsive practices) University of Canterbury

Postgraduate diploma in Secondary Teaching and Learning (Social Sciences) University of Canterbury

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) University of Canterbury

Professional profile

Matalena is from Tuvaluan and Samoan descent born in Ōtautahi and raised in North Canterbury.

Matalena's passion for her Pasifika heritage has supported and led, school based Pasifika workshops for students, parents, leadership teams and staff. She has also been involved in community sports initiatives and mentoring to support improvement.

Matalena has a Secondary and Intermediate background, teaching specifically Senior and Junior Social Sciences, Maths and English. Since teaching, Matalena has worked for an education evaluation agency, where her particular interests in evaluation for improvement, governance, strategy, thinking and data analysis have built strong relationships within school networks to improve equitable outcomes for learners.

She has a keen interest in equity, social justice and special education.


Student engagement and learning

Use student voice to inform learning

Use evidence and project based learning methods

Use culturally responsive practices to inform leadership decisions

Empower cultural capital

Create agentic learners

Evaluation for Improvement

Strategic thinking

Incorporating local expertise

Data analysis

Synthesising and developing solutions for improvement

Developing education case studies

Personal statement

"O le ala i le pule o le tautua - the pathway to leadership is through service

It is a privilege to be in a position to work alongside Kur and fanau. As a mother I understand the importance education can provide. As someone who has travelled I understand the value of respect for other cultures which can impact learning and growth. As someone who lives on the east side of Christchurch, I understand the importance of resilience and wellbeing. As a Pasifika woman, where we are few, I understand the need for equity and equality to be more visible in spaces of change.