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Natalie O'Connor

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


Certified Academic Life Coach for Students (Academic Life Coach USA 2016)
Diploma in Educational Management (ETAS Australia 2012)
Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching with a focus on Education (Royal Roads University Canada 2015)
MA in Educational Management (University of Bath England 1999)
Teachers’ College Diploma with Distinction (Auckland College of Education 1984)
Trained Teachers’ Certificate (Ministry of Education NZ 1985)

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 572 964

Accreditation Number: ACC 769

Region: Auckland

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Professional profile

Natalie has extensive professional experience both in New Zealand and internationally. She consults and facilitates on school improvement processes such as visioning, development, planning, implementation and sustainability.
Natalie has worked in early childhood, primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary environments. She has held leadership positions across sectors from head of kindergarten/schools to Learning and Teaching Leader at a New Zealand Technical Institute. Her last overseas posting saw her developing five schools globally for an educational network following the International Baccalaureate Framework and the English National Curriculum. Natalie has worked in New Zealand, Venezuela, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam and credits her ability to work cross culturally to her extensive international experience.
As a certified executive coach with a focus on education, Natalie is passionate about building capacity and fostering professional learning communities that promote reflection, collaboration and create a positive culture. She focuses on positive transformational change through a variety of channels: staff engagement, crucial conversations, positive communication styles and sustainable initiatives that foster a sense of community and collective efficacy.
Natalie has considerable experience in strategic planning and change management. She is experienced in building shared beliefs and in executing the courses of action required to produce excellent results. Natalie supports organisations to design and prepare programmes by selecting appropriate content, determining format and arranging for material and human resources. Her work involves directing the integration of services, assisting in the management of the delivery of services, monitoring educational trends and developments, and assisting in the implementation of program revisions.


Natalie has expertise, and successfully supports learning communities and organisations in a range of areas including, but not limited to:

Certified Executive Coach

  • Developing programmes to improve performance of academic and non-academic staff
  • Developing and consolidating coaching initiatives for educators and students including coaching senior and middle management in their pursuit for improved, positive performance and more productive communication styles
  • Coaching individuals/teams/leadership via face to face conversations or using other methods of communication (e.g. Zoom, Skype, phone)

Appraisals Systems/Professional Development

  •  Design and deliver professional learning development initiatives through a variety of formats e.g. e-learning, webinars, face to face workshops

Collective Teacher Efficacy

  • Supportive, and effective at developing the collective belief of staff to positively affect student outcomes
  • Empowering staff to be courageous and determine and act upon what they can positively change to improve outcomes


  • Identify goals, develop strategic plans and design programmes of learning
  • Connect school charters and strategic goal to ensure a deliberate alignment with professional learning and development
  • Develop the skills for crucial conversations to take place in a safe and positive fashion
  • Build community capability for positive change
  • Evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education and responsive practices

Personal statement

There are two main precepts that are my driving force. Firstly, my positivity in supporting communities of learners to reach for excellence in what they do. As a certified executive coach, I have the pleasure in helping individuals, teams and communities to determine what it is that is important to them and facilitate improvement one conversation at a time. As an activator of learning and a co-constructor of strategic visioning, I work alongside people and communities to create the ideal conditions for innovation.
Secondly, my constant need to work cross culturally is what drives me to improve and refine my practice. My desire to learn from others sets me up to work in a culturally responsive way and ensure that my thinking and values are underpinned by a sense of awareness and mindfulness.