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Carolyn English

Manager: Professional Learning Services, Accredited Facilitator (English-medium) and Expert Partner


2016 CoP Special Topic: Programme Evaluation, University of Auckland
1996 M.Ed. Victoria University of Wellington
1987 Dip.Tch. Auckland College of Education
1982 B.Sc. Canterbury University

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 227 6581

Accreditation Number: ACC 212

Region: Wellington

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Carolyn English

Professional profile

Carolyn came to CORE in September 2015. She brings a history of successfully leading many national education projects — professional learning and development, resources for teachers, leaders, students and facilitators, and education evaluation — and manages our professional learning services. Carolyn co-led the successful Literacy Professional Development Project that had a huge impact on students at risk of underachieving, and helped teachers and leaders develop a shared mindset about what works, for which students, and why.

Her key strength is her strategic leadership that focuses on valued outcomes, improvement and cohesion. Her work has supported organisations to target resources, build capability and improve outcomes for young people. 

Carolyn influences the way people work by developing a culture of collaboration. She has been instrumental in the development of cutting-edge resources and services that meet identified needs of students, teachers, leaders, education facilitators and public servants.

Her leadership involves:

  • a problem-solving way of thinking that includes synthesising a range of complex ideas and data, and designing an elegant solution for particular stakeholders
  • collaboration with others to ensure that the right people are engaged in developing the best solution
  • an open and inclusive way of working that results in trust and partnerships
  • deep and broad understanding of education systems, processes, issues and knowledge
  • a passion for equity and excellence.

The skills she uses include:

  • clearly written communication
  • open facilitation
  • evaluative reasoning.


Carolyn has expertise in the following areas:

School/cluster self-review and strategic planning

Proven evidence of supporting schools to identify what is important to them and their community and then develop a curriculum and the relationships that bring this to life. Carolyn has successfully supported learning communities to:

  • redevelop schools/clusters vision, values and personalised curriculum
  • explore current policies and research to support re-design of school documents
  • evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education and responsive practices
  • develop priorities and strategic actions.

Implementing change 

Carolyn has been responsible for the development of national, regional, and cluster effective professional learning that inspires educators to help students accelerate progress and be confident, connected actively involved lifelong learners. She has successfully supported learning communities to:

  • develop rigorous inquiry processes
  • support leadership of learning
  • Use practice analysis as a way of collaboratively talk about the impact of actions
  • establish meaningful relationships with community that support the re-design of school curriculum.

Future focused curriculum

Carolyn has successfully supported learning communities to develop:

  • learner profiles at key transition times
  • rich learning opportunities that is well served by literacy competency, science concepts and uses local resources .

Evaluation of impact

Carolyn has successfully supported learning communities to:

  • use both achievement data and qualitative data to understand what has led to disparity in student outcomes
  • design evaluation plans
  • develop and use indicators of success to monitor the impact of actions.

Resource design

National education resources for facilitators, leaders and teachers. 

Professional membership

  • Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA)

Board membership

  • The National Science-Technology Roadshow Trust

Personal statement

Ko te tamaiti te putāke o te kaupapa. Every young person has the right to be supported by an education system that feels cohesive and is motivated by the vision of all our young people being confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. Every day I come across young people and their teachers having amazing interactions and solving wicked problems. Helping more young people and more teachers have these experiences is what motivates me to work in education.