Van Hale

Project Manager

Catherine Van Hale FS


Bachelor of Science
Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)
Masters Preliminary (Chinese)

Professional profile

Catherine joined CORE Education in July 2015.

Catherine has experience producing a wide range of educational publications and tools – online and offline. She is passionate about working closely with audiences to co-create task-focused, easy-to-use materials.

Prior to that, Catherine spent five years at the Ministry of Education managing the curriculum publishing programme and supporting the delivery of new ICT projects for the school sector. These roles deepened her knowledge of schools and the education sector in New Zealand.

Catherine also spent several years learning Mandarin Chinese, teaching in Australia, and working for publishing companies in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Taiwan remains her second home.


  • Leadership of resource development projects
  • Analysing context, trends, audience needs and effective practice to shape strategies, products or services
  • Working with content experts and users to elicit, develop and test ideas
  • Developing information, instructional and visual design approaches
  • Technical writing.

Personal statement

I grew up in New Zealand and then spent two decades living in Australia and Asia. I didn’t plan that, but something in those cultures just clicked with me. Learning Chinese was one of the best things I ever did. It opened up so much of a different way of life to me. It also led me to my work in education and publishing.

I am a keen reader and always on the lookout for interesting political and social commentary. I am trying to live more sustainably. It’s my small personal contribution to future generations.