CORE's Team

Libby Gawith

Proposals Co-ordinator


2017 Diploma of Tertiary Learning and Teaching - Ara Institute of Canterbury
2013 Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching - CPIT
1993 Postgraduate Diploma in Community Psychology (3 year professional applied programme) - University of Waikato
1992 Masters of Social Science - Community Psychology (First Class Honours) - University of Waikato

Contact details


P: 0800 267 301

M: 027 314 2422

Region: Canterbury

Libby Gawith FS

Professional body and membership

ANZEA: Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association

New Zealand Psychological Society

Professional profile

Libby is an experienced tutor, facilitator, trainer and evaluator. She is a highly-experienced educator who has worked within the tertiary education sector, latterly as a programme leader for second chance learners. She is passionate about Māori and Pacific academic achievement and is a respected, innovative and enthusiastic teacher.

Her background is predominantly in adult education, mental health, community psychology and workplace wellbeing initiatives.

Libby trained in Community Psychology which integrates social, cultural, political, and environmental influences to promote positive change, health, and empowerment at individual, community, organisational and systemic levels.

She has been a research co-ordinator and has worked in a research team at the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, London. She is also a two time winner of CDHB Quality Innovations awards for service evaluation work.

Libby has co-ordinated and completed numerous collaborative RFPs for NGOs and PHOs. Her most recent successful RFP was for $1.2mill for Youth mental health positions in Canterbury in November 2020.

She is a caring professional who really likes to build and sustain relationships and get the best out of people and services.


  • Multi agency collaboration - RFPs and EOI applications
  • Adult educator and facilitator
  • Research and evaluation
  • Programme leadership and career coaching
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Strategic and annual planning


  • ANZEA: Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association
  • New Zealand Psychological Society

Conferences and Publications

Mutch, C. & Gawith, E. (2014). The New Zealand earthquakes and the role of schools in engaging children in emotional processing of disaster experiences. Pastoral Care in Education, 32 (1), 54-67.

Gawith, L. (2013). The on-going psychological toll from the Canterbury earthquakes: Stories from one community. Disaster Prevention and Management, 22 (5), 395 – 404.

Gawith, L. (2012). How communities in Christchurch have been coping with their earthquake. NZ Psychological Society Special Issue, 40 (4), 180-191.

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2020: Enhancing wellbeing and building resilience for NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation Level 3 (NZ2863) learners at Ara Institute of Canterbury. OPSITARA conference, Invercargill.

2013: The role of schools in engaging children in emotional processing of disaster experiences. IACSEE International Association for Citizenship, Social and Economics Education (IACSEE) conference, University of Auckland.

2011: How communities in Christchurch have been coping with their earthquake. Australian Psychological Society Conference, Canberra.

Awards and Scholarships

Won the CDHB Quality Innovations Supreme Award in 2009 with Comcare Charitable Trust’s Active Life Programme evaluation

Won the CDHB Quality Innovations Supreme Award in 2007 with Rural Canterbury PHO (now Waitaha Health) Brief Intervention Coordination service evaluation.

Personal Statement

As an educator, I am committed to building relationships with learners to understand their needs and worlds to work with them to achieve their potential and engage in their learning.

I believe that learners need to feel accepted and valued and have feelings of success in order to stay engaged and prosper in a learning environment.

I am passionate about Māori and Pacific learner achievement and the importance for all learners to see themselves and their culture and stories in what and how they are learning.

I have an ongoing interest in the impact of adverse events on communities and learning.

I have organised and run multiple fundraising initiatives supporting young people to achieve their goals, sports teams, new school playground, playcentre and cultural pursuits.

As a Proposals Co-ordinator, I value the quality and impact of the mahi of CORE Education Tātai Aho Rau and want to ensure its ongoing success and financial viability.