Research and design

Crafting equitable outcomes through collaborative, community-led discovery and innovation.

Research services, designed and led by communities



At Tātai Aho Rau, we believe that those that have lived experiences of educational inequity hold the solutions for innovation and improved responses.

As community-led researchers, we co-design research approaches and tools with communities to take action for equitable, sustained outcomes.

This means we walk alongside you, respecting your values, and your ways of being and doing.

Our whakapapa as researchers

The journey towards a more equitable future starts with a commitment to community well-being. Our work is firmly guided by the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and each project we embark on uplifts communities through equitable research and design solutions.

From co-designing community-led research initiatives to working hand-in-hand with communities on research projects, every aspect of the research journey is participatory and inclusive. The impact of our work extends beyond the research, with a long-term commitment to mobilising research outcomes and designing sustainable solutions.

We are more than researchers; we are community partners.

Partner with us for educational research, design and evaluation

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