Equity and inclusion in the workplace

Build knowledge and understanding of equity, enhance your cultural capability skills or work 1:1 with a coach or mentor

Being inclusive and equitable in the workplace

"So how do we want to reflect a workplace culture that is inclusive and honours the diversity of our people?" is a common question we are asked by businesses. Understanding, unpacking and developing an authentic culture that is rich in equitable outcomes is what we do here. 

Tātai Aho Rau Core Education offer empowering professional learning development (PLD) for business, government, non-government and community organisations. Our strengths are growing understanding and empowering people in areas such as equity, inclusivity, diversity, cultural capability, Aotearoa New Zealand history and te reo Māori.

We use a three-step approach:

  • Equity Mindset
  • Equity Design
  • Equity Action

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Participants say about our facilitators:

"This was the best day learning te reo I have attended."
"[The facilitators were] both excellent and authentic. I felt in a safe space so I learnt more."
"Even though I was inexperienced, I felt completely supported, really enjoyed it. I loved Hana’s speech, incredibly motivating."
"I was given many tools to use daily."

Participants of te reo Māori programme, from Te Kura Kaiwhakawā | Institute of Judicial Studies

Professional learning and development

Podcasts on equity and inclusion

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