Research services

Community-led insights and innovation empowering equitable outcomes.

Equity led progress

Each research project reflects the unique needs of your community. We prioritise equity in our mahi: from research planning to design and recommendations, ensuring that our partnership resonates with your specific requirements.

With aspirations to shape the future of education and learning, rangahau | research is an important part of Tātai Aho Rau Core Education’s mahi.

Our equity-led mahi includes:

  • Co-designing community-led research
  • Working in partnership to undertake research
  • Turning research outcomes into actionable insights.
  • Measuring the impact of solutions
  • Building research capabilities your community
  • Providing equity consultancy and input

Research is a collaborative journey that is negotiated through time, discovery and understanding. As research and design partners we work alongside you to identify, assess and implement positive change, to shape a more inclusive and equitable future for your community.

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