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Catriona Pene

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium) and Project Manager


2016 Diploma in Web Content
1989 Dip.Tch. Auckland College of Education

Contact details


P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 390 604

Accreditation Number: ACC 213

Region: Tai Tokerau

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Catriona Pene

Professional profile

Catriona has a background in primary teaching and curriculum leadership. Prior to joining CORE, she taught for over 22 years in Whangarei primary schools at all levels. Her most recent teaching experience was in year 3 and 4 where she piloted a digital classroom programme to support the development of elearning in the school. Catriona has led teacher literacy teams, and was Head of Curriculum at St Francis Xavier Catholic School in Whangarei, where she oversaw the redevelopment of the school curriculum.


For the last four and a half years Catriona has worked as a Learning with Digital Technologies facilitator with schools face-to-face and online to provide tailored professional learning. Catriona worked with Northland schools, developing their e-capability and connecting them online for ongoing professional learning.

Project management

Catriona is also a Project Lead for New Zealand Curriculum Online (NZC Online) 2015-2017 and Project Lead for Literacy, ESOL and English Online 2013-2017. In this work she manages the development of  online resources for schools to help them implement the NZ Curriculum and their Literacy, ESOL and English programmes.


Catriona works as an online mentor, with teachers across New Zealand. Under the Virtual Professional Learning and Development contract, she coached teachers through their professional inquiries, providing online support and mentoring.


Catriona has expertise in the following areas:

Digital fluency

Successfully supported schools and learning communities to:

  • identify and target areas for improvement using the self-review, e-learning practices and capabilities of the eLearning Planning framework
  • increase student engagement and achievement through the use of digital technologies
  • build teacher and student e-capability.


Successfully supported school leaders to:

  • guide staff through a change process
  • redevelop the school vision and personalise the curriculum to reflect this
  • explore pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused themes and are culturally responsive
  • change the way professional learning is selected, accessed and shared.


Successfully supported schools and learning communities to:

  • identify target students in literacy
  • plan programmes to meet specific student needs
  • use technology to support the writing programme and increase engagement and achievement.

Online networks

Successfully supported schools and learning communities to:

  • find the online networks that work best for them
  • build an online presence for learning for their students, staff, community and whānau
  • use online networks to connect with whānau, community and the world.


I have worked with a whole staff to redesign the school curriculum.  I have also  designed and created resources to support school to access and implement the New Zealand Curriculum.

Conference presentations, keynotes, seminars, workshops

  • 2016: Ulearn workshop - PLN in your pocket - Building online networks for personalised learning
  • 2016: Tai Tokerau Literacy Conference - Using digital tools to support writing programmes
  • 2016: Beginning Teachers Whangarei - Learning Online: tools and communities
  • 2015: Keynote Tai Tokerau Literacy Association AGM Building a Literacy Professional learning Network
  • 2015: uLearn workshop - Twitter - getting going in the Twittersphere
  • 2014: Learning@School  - The Literacy Classroom - Teach and capture evidence of student learning in reading and writing using technology
  • 2014: uLearn - PLN in your pocket, Building a Professional learning network for Literacy

Additional study

2016: Modern Learning Practice, Empower Course, CORE Education.

Personal statement

I want to support all educators to feel connected and to see the value in networking with each other to grow their own learning through collaborative and supportive online communities.

Technology is affording us new ways of working, of gaining our professional learning and of connecting to learn from other educators. I enjoy helping educators to realise the potential of technology to transform teaching and learning, and to experience being part of a thriving online community that supports their professional learning.

Working to build online communities of practice where teachers are supported to develop their pedagogy, share their practice and build networks for collaboration is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I am passionate about creating responsive spaces for professional sharing and collaboration, encouraging teachers to explore new ways of working and personalising learning for all.