CORE's Team

Rochelle Savage

Instructional Designer


BCom (Marketing)
GradDip (Theatre Studies)

Contact details


P: 0800 267 301

M: 021 913 434

Region: Canterbury

Rochelle Savage

Professional profile

Before joining CORE in 2013, Rochelle was the Distance Learning Manager for the School of Marketing and International Business at Victoria University, assisting the lecturers to convert their on-campus marketing courses into distance learning courses. She was responsible for:

  • project management
  • directing
  • filming and editing short, tailored video lectures
  • constructing course pages
  • assisting and training lecturers to set up online courses using the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • strategic planning.

Rochelle previously worked as an actor and writer for television, theatre and radio; working with others to bring their vision to life.


  • E-learning
  • Video lectures
  • Project management of converting face-to-face courses into e-learning courses
  • Marketing
  • Directing
  • Audio/podcasts

Professional memberships

  • 2015: Current member of DEANZ - the national association committed to fostering growth, development, research and good practice in distance education, open learning and flexible delivery systems for education
  • 2015: Current full member of the New Zealand Society of Authors

Conference presentations

  • Richardson, L. and Savage, R. (2015) "A Lesson on Lesson". Moodle Moot, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Richardson, L. and Savage, R. (2015) "Using Moodle as a project development environment with virtual teams". Moodle Moot, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Lowe, S. and Savage, R. (2014) "Creating a self-organised learning environment" interactive workshop. Moodle Moot, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Lowe, S. and Savage, R. (2014) "Stereoscopic VR" interactive workshop. Moodle Moot, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Rod, M., Savage, R. and Beal, T. (2009), "Pushing the Boundaries: A New Zealand Case Study of Developing an ICT-enabled Flexible Learning Programme". 5th International Conference on Multimedia and ICT in Education, Lisbon, Portugal, April 22-24.

Personal statement

I am an idea generator. I really enjoy working with others; getting their constructive criticism to further improve what we are working on. I am known by my friends for the statement "...but the good thing is...".

I go to the theatre as often as I can and enjoy playing soccer on a Sunday morning for my local team.