Kaihuawaere Ngaio Māori

Region: Auckland
Ellen McLean


1986 Dip Maoritanga, Victoria University
1990 BA, Auckland University
1991 Dip Teaching, Auckland College Education

Professional profile

Taiarahia te maunga
Ohinemataroa te awa
Ohotu te marae
Mataatua te waka
Tuhoe te iwi

Ellen is passionate about upholding Māori heritage, culture, identity and language and using this as a platform to teach from.

Ellen brings 30+ years of teaching experience to her role at Tātai Aho Rau Core Education. She has taught in both mainstream and kura kaupapa Māori. She has the desire to see and achieve success as a learner while creating a space that is inclusive and allows Māori to be successful as Māori.


  • Ensure, thorough high quality teaching practices and effective leadership, that all children, in Te Wharekura, are learning at an appropriately challenging level
  • Leadership in the corporate life of the school, sharing responsibilities in selected curriculum initiatives, and participating fully in team and school wide activities, social events and programmes 
  • Active role in the school’s coaching and self-review process, liaising with school leadership and teachers promoting staff reflection that results in enhanced learning
  • Co-ordinate teaching programmes and resources via Te Wharekura budget, to facilitate effective learning for all children
  • Facilitate the moderation of assessment data for Te Wharekura
  • Oversee the monitoring of priority learners in Te Wharekura
  • Provide student pastoral support in Te Wharekura
  • Ensure that high levels of behaviour are maintained in Te Wharekura
  • Work with the Leadership Team and staff to coordinate class placements and staff delegations using consultative processes
  • Take an active role in the school performance management process for Te Wharekura
  • Work effectively with the wider community, maintaining and enhancing the school’s positive profile
  • Undertake school responsibilities as discussed by the Principal and Leadership Team.

Professional body membership

Te Akatea Māori Principals Association

NZHTA New Zealand History Teachers Association

Personal statement

“Iti rearea teitei kahikatea ka taea”

When I think of this whakatauki (proverb) I think of the tauira (students) in our classes sitting before us. The rearea is one of the smallest birds in our ngahere (forest) yet it is capable of reaching the top of the tallest trees, the Kahikatea.

My goal is that all students no matter what or who they are, too can reach these great heights. I want the students to learn, I want the students to achieve, I want the students to be successful. It is therefore my role to support and facilitate this learning in such a way that they become confident life-long learners.