Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


Bachelor of Education (Hons) validated by Oxford University, UK.

Professional experience

For more than a decade Lucie has worked as a facilitator of Leadership and Mathematics and Statistics, alongside this role she has also developed her own consultancy MathsMattersNZ. The foci of her work have been diverse and varied supporting many schools and communities of learning to develop effective pedagogy in mathematics, initiate and develop collaborative inquiries into effective, equitable, culturally responsive practices with the focus on accelerating the achievement of all learners.

After completing her teaching degree at Oxford University, Lucie taught in the UK for 2 years and then made the big move to Aotearoa. Lucie has held numerous teaching positions from New Entrants to Years 7 and 8 in and around Auckland. She has had many leadership positions ranging from Associate Principal to Junior Learning Leader and Mathematics Curriculum Leader.


Lucie has expertise in the following areas:

Leading for change

Successfully supporting learning communities and LCC clusters to:

  • implement teaching as inquiry pedagogy to ensure teaching is personalised and responsive to each individual student
  • use teaching as inquiry to evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education
  • lead change within the school community and develop highly effective programmes using research and evidence based theories of practice.
  • grow new leaders within schools to develop confidence, skills and have an impact on empowering others and affecting change.
Mathematics, Statistics and Numeracy

Successfully supporting learning communities to:

  • develop inquiry based mathematics programmes that are personalised, authentic, culturally responsive and equitable for all ākonga
  • gather and analyse school wide mathematics data to identify students’ learning needs and develop pathways for action and systems to track ākonga progress
  • support teachers to develop subject content knowledge in mathematics that promotes and enables high expectations and challenging, future focused learning programmes
  • promote and support ongoing collaboration between staff to make the planning process personalised, evidence based and streamlined
  • implement school-wide initiatives in mathematics, encompassing gifted and talented, inclusion, and accelerated programmes.
  • work in class with teachers and leaders collaboratively planning, collaboratively teaching and modelling best practice.
Community engagement

Successfully supporting learning communities to:

  • engage authentically with communities and whānau to build student focused relationships through the lens of mathematics
  • lead a variety of whānau and community sessions with a focus on empowering communities to align with kura values and support their children
  • lead consultation processes with kura and Kāhui Ako to plan and develop community engagement plans.

Key competencies

Successfully supporting learning communities to:

  • consider how the key competencies align with kura goals and vision and then use them as the starting point for any planning of learning programmes
  • integrate and align learning programmes with the key competencies, and develop programmes that strategically integrate and align with the key competencies as well as other curriculum areas.
  • evaluate how the key competencies feature in assessment and reporting processes and how they could be better integrated and honoured
  • empower ākonga to evaluate and reflect on their key competency development and growth.

Recent conference presentations, keynotes, seminars, workshops

2021 Presented a series of workshops with an International school in Hong Kong.
2019–2020 Organised, led and presented at Mini Symposium Conferences –“Spotlight in Mathematics” and “Magnifying Mathematics”
2014–2016 Presented at numerous Ministry of Education Programmes for Students training and impact days
2015 Kohia Education Mini Conference – Taking the fear out of Mathematics

Personal statement

I am passionate about improving outcomes for all learners in Aotearoa. I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to become an empowered, engaged, connected, lifelong learner intrinsically motivated to achieve their personal best. I thrive on the challenge and opportunity to support and develop well trained, inquiring and reflective teachers and leaders who have what’s best for every learner at the heart of all decision making.

As a mum to two primary aged children I am privileged to view education through a range of lenses. I firmly believe that partnerships and genuine engagement with community and whanau are an essential ingredient to success.