Locally-focused Digital Fluency PLD

CORE Education is the leading provider of Digital Fluency PLD in New Zealand. We can assist you with the application process and the design and delivery of PLD that meets the specific needs of your learning community.


It has never been more important for people to have the ability to use and create digital technologies. We call this ‘Digital Fluency’ and it is part of a broader set of capabilities that enable and support future focused learning. Digital Fluency is one of the Ministry of Education’s national priorities for PLD.

This is the reason for the revision to the Technology learning area (2017). Strengthening the digital areas of:

  • Computational Thinking for Digital Technologies (CTDT)
  • Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes (DDDO)

Free Application Support

CORE can provide FREE support if you are preparing and submitting an application for locally-focused Digital Fluency PLD.

Our Facilitators

We have a team of Accredited Facilitators who understand the application process and know what is required for your application to be successful. We are able to provide guidance that can help save you time and streamline the process:

  • we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise across the range of Ministry-funded priority areas
  • our expert team works across both English and Māori-medium settings, including the new Digital Technologies | Hangarau Matihiko curriculum content, and the Technology and Hangarau learning areas
  • CORE Education is the contract holder for Kia Takatū ā Matihiko | National Digital Readiness Programme. Our experienced facilitators were instrumental in bringing this digital PLD programme to the sector
  • we have a large multidisciplinary team of facilitators, so whatever your needs are we can pull the right people together to deliver a personalised solution for your setting.

While our facilitators are based in their local areas they can also be contracted to work with you wherever you are in Aotearoa New Zealand. We are experienced in delivering professional learning in blended ways and can use both face-to-face and online tools like web conferencing to work with you.

Meet our facilitators

He Ariā Kōkirikiri | CORE's Theory of Action

CORE's Theory of Action | He Ariā Kōkirikiri informs how we work in the facilitation space, we:

  • listen to deeply understand and get to the heart of the situation
  • use our knowledge and frameworks to design a PLD programme with you
  • work collaboratively to implement innovative and sustainable change and build capability
  • Support the regular review and refining of the programme based on feedback and evolving needs
  • our work occurs as part of a focused Inquiry cycle that leads to transformation.

Theory of action diagram v3

The mangopare kowhaiwhai motif is inspired by the twisting, turning movement of the hammerhead shark. It symbolises strength, determination, courage and growth. It shows that our work occurs as part of a cycle that leads to transformation.