Ten Trends 2015

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Learner agency

A key trend that has characterised the move away from industrial-era schools is the move from teachers completely owning the learning process to learners owning more of it. When learners have ‘the power to act’ in their learning, they have what is known as ‘agency’.

Agency can take many forms from being empowered to make decisions about which activity to move onto next through to learners being empowered to take positive social action in their communities. Providing choices in learning (whether to work individually or in a group; whether to evidence of learning using a piece of writing or a diagram) is an important factor in engagement, which is in turn a contributor to student learning and success.

One of the implications of this rise of student agency is that schools are seeking new ways to invite, honour and act on student voice, both in learning and across the wider life of school.We see a number of schools allowing learners to exercise agency by focusing learning on local environmental and community-based problems. Schools located near waterways growing and replanting riparian ecosystems; schools near beaches learning about coastal erosion as part of the Science curriculum and so on.

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