Lalaga Tivaevae Niu

Lalaga, Tivaevae, and Niu are Pasifika concepts that symbolise several elements within CORE Education. We seek to express meaning and understanding through Pasifika art forms such as weaving and quilting and the symbol of the niu, which unites the Pasifika nations in Aotearoa.



Lalaga – as the word relates to weaving, is the weaving of fibres, layering one strand over the next to create patterns. The term “lalaga” also symbolises the historical and reciprocal relationships between Pasifika nations.

Understanding the connections and relationships of the strands within the weave is important for determining the pattern and textures that are created. At CORE Education, the essence of our business is to arrange, prioritise, study connections, measure importance, and maximise connections and relationships in positive ways that provide the support that best suits our clients. We are open to continuous and life-long learning and we are reflective in our approach.


Tivaevae – is the traditional Cook Islands art of quilt making.

Tivaevae are created for and given as gifts on special occasions and to celebrate important milestones. Within CORE Education, the tivaevae symbolises our linking together the elements of teaching and learning to nurture our clients. These elements include mentorship, reflection, community participation, and empowerment. As the pieces of tivaevae are stitched together by the group, so we at CORE stitch together the elements of support we provide.

Quilters work together in groups to create tivaevae. Each patch of the quilt symbolises the interconnectedness of Pasifika communities in Aotearoa.


Niu – meaning coconut, conveys its multiple dimensions and its nourishing qualities.

Niu refers to the tree as well as to the coconut fruit itself. The tree is often referred to as the tree of life. Niu produce products for making cooking oil, rope, fish nets, and soap. The flesh and the juice of the niu are eaten, and the shell of the niu is used as a dish or a cup for ceremonial purposes. Many Pasifika nations have myths and legends surrounding the creation story of the niu.

Niu can be applied as a symbol to the many groups within CORE. The strength of CORE Education is in the many groups within the company and their connections and relationships.