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Anne-Louise Robertson

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


1985 P.G.Cert. of Education Modern Languages & Outdoor Education, University of Leeds
1984 B.A. Hons European Languages and Institutions, Leeds Metropolitan University

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 914 518

Accreditation Number: ACC 211

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Anne Robertson

Professional profile

Anne works with digital technology leaders, teachers and principals within New Zealand schools supporting them with a range of issues related to digital technology and decision-making. She enables teachers to make strategic decisions about utilising technology to work collaboratively and place students at the centre of their learning and which is responsive to the needs and culture of the school community. 

Anne facilitates in a way that supports people to gain a wider perspective of what impacts the current situation.  She encourages them to widen the scope of the issues affecting them, identify what is most important for their context and find solutions to improve outcomes for whole school communities.

Modelling best practice, Anne co-constructs programmes with stakeholders that are grounded in current research and which extend strategic and adaptive capabilities.  

Anne supports the idea that the inquiry process can turn a ‘good idea’ into effective teaching practice that leads to enhanced student outcomes. Leaders as teachers and teachers as learners gain ownership and agency to develop their ideas through the inquiry process. 

Anne has 29 years experience as a teacher and leader in secondary schools in the UK and New Zealand. She developed future-focussed, blended learning programmes for languages which enabled learners to create their own pathways for learning. 

Anne led a team which developed a professional learning programme to shift thinking and support teachers as they coped with the change that digital technologies and a future focused, learner centred curriculum has brought to teaching and learning practice.  


Anne has specialisms in the following areas:

Change leadership 

Successfully support learning communities to:

  • redevelop school vision, values and personalised curriculum
  • explore current policies and use research to support re-design of school documents
  • evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education and responsive practices
  • support leadership of change within the school community.

Design and management of programmes for teacher professional learning

Successfully support learning communities to:

  • redesign professional learning models to build teacher capacity and engagement
  • support staff through change.

Digital fluency 

Successfully support learning communities to:

  • use the eLearning Planning framework to self-review e-learning practices and capabilities to identify and target areas for improvement
  • increase student engagement and achievement through the use of digital technologies.

Future-focused education 

Successfully support learning communities to:

  • evaluate current practices and identify future-focused goals
  • develop curricula that include future-focused pedagogies, effectively use modern learning environments and reflect biculturalism and agreed vision and values.
  • integrate digital technologies to support effective pedagogy in the classroom.

Evaluative capability

Successfully supported learning communities to:

  • identify target students from analysis of achievement data
  • collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data about students from multiple sources
  • regularly reflect-learn-implement using the spiral of inquiry framework.


  • Near native French; fluent Spanish; some German; developing Te Reo Māori.

Conference presentations, seminars and workshops

  • 2016: uLearn16 - Digital Fluencies in Practice, Supporting Staff through Change, Developing Digital Citizenship and Effective Research Skills to enhance learning
  • 2015: ulearn15 - Meeting the Challenge of Modern Learning Environments in a Traditional Setting
  • 2014: uLearn14 Research Strand - Brave Resilient Explorers: Teacher Professional Development in a Brave New World
  • 2014: WCELfest14 - Blended Learning in the Secondary School

Awards, fellowships and scholarships

2014: CORE Education eFellowship "Brave Resilient Learners: Teacher Professional Learning in a Brave New World"

Personal statement

My focus is on giving people options to see the potential in what they already know and then how they can develop the skills, approaches, and attitudes they already have to educate children using the new paradigms of technology-enhanced learning within the existing school structures. I have a wide range of experience of schools and classrooms within varied contexts in both NZ and UK having taught in secondary schools and Adult Education. I draw on my own stories and those of others to support the transference of knowledge into leaders’ own practice. 

My work in physical and outdoor education along with 20 years as a volunteer cave and mountain rescuer, has validated my conviction that positive relationships and teamwork are vitally important in success, something I apply in my change-management approach.

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