Pīkau 2: Getting the most out of pīkau

Getting the most out of pīkau

Introduction to pīkau

Pīkau means “backpack”. We’re hoping that you’ll soon have a pīkau of resources to use for teaching and learning the new digital technologies content.

At the beginning of each pīkau, there is an introduction. The introduction includes a video with information about what is in the pīkau so you can decide if it is the right one for you.

Learning in a way that suits you

We all learn in in different ways.

You might be like Māui: curious, a bit of a risk taker, adaptable, playful

You can move around within each pīkau | toolkit however you like. Watch all the videos, then do the readings. You might even want to start with the assessment activities, although we wouldn’t recommend that!

You might be like Mahuika: a protector, patient, insightful.

You might want to work methodically through the pīkau | toolkit, considering in-depth what is being asked of your students.

Or you might be a mixture of both.

Whatever works for you, do that! We also encourage you to grow and find a balance between the attributes of these two tipuna.

We know some of our teachers may be a bit nervous about the new digital technologies content, while others could be wondering why it took so long to come in. Either way, we know you are busy, so we want to maximise your learning through fun, hands-on experiences – so that’s where we will start!