Courageous conversations

Beneficial outcomes for everyone involved.

Featuring: Amira Aman

Tags: leadership, principals

How do we have courageous conversations for beneficial outcomes?

In this podcast, Amira Aman discusses key elements of courageous conversations, which are usually the conversations we don’t want to have, to ensure beneficial outcomes for everyone involved.

Amira uses a real-world example of a deputy principal having a courageous conversation with a teacher to demonstrate these elements, firstly describing the importance of building a relationship with people before you have a courageous conversation with them, and ensuring that you’re going into the conversation with a helpful frame of reference.

Amira also speaks about three key elements of having a beneficial courageous conversation: Understanding what has happened to make this conversation necessary, how people feel about what has happened, and what that might say about us as individuals.

Amira also notes the great outcome for the deputy principal from following these steps, allowing for a great outcome for all.