Creating inclusive schools for Rainbow and Takatāpui students - Ella Sargison and Rebbecca Sweeney

“Know that there are right or wrong answers, but you are not expected to know everything. If you are already noticing that there is something that you need to do in your school then that is the first step, reaching out..” - Ella Sargison, Inside OUT

Ella Sargison, from Inside OUT, engages in a kōrero with Rebbecca Sweeney about how schools embrace the rainbow community well for their students. The conversation revolves around where schools can start, as well as strategies to nurture the well-being of the rainbow and Takatāpui communities. The discussion sheds light on bullying in Aotearoa, particularly affecting the rainbow communities, emphasising the need to confront this issue to foster safe, inclusive spaces. Ella also emphasises the importance of consistency among school staff, and embracing differences together.