uLearn23 | My Language is My Super Power

Tags: cultural intelligence, Cultural capability and te reo Māori, Māori, learning

My Language is My Super Power

Dr. Hana O'Regan and Stacey Morrison

"Intergenerational healing is from above to below and below to above. It has to feel like that or else it's hard, you need the joy and you need the sense of success and gratitude that we still have a language to speak and love and be joyous in." - Stacey Morrison




At uLearn23, Stacey Morrison and Dr. Hana O'Regan share their inspiring language journey and discuss their  commitment to nurturing te reo Māori within their home, whānau, and the wider community. They encourage listeners to persist in your language learning journey and create a space for te reo Māori to become an integral part of your identity, enriching your connections with those around you.

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