Muslims can be of any ethnicity and culture

Supporting transitions for Muslim children: a resource for kaiako | teachers

“Muslims are from all over the world, we are from every country, we speak every language, every ethnicity and every culture… we’re not limited globally by where we come from, what unites us is Islam.”

- Dr Jane Taylor, Head Teacher, An-Nur Childcare Centre


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Reflections for kaiako

As you watch this video, think about how you support Muslim children and their families when they transition to school.

As a team
  • Learn about Muslim culture and include this in transition plans. 
  • Find a staff or community member to offer cultural support for Muslim whānau and tamariki. 
  • Identify and use resources to make Muslim culture visible in the learning environment. 
  • Ask Muslim families questions to understand their cultural needs. 
  • Provide a respectful place where Muslim tamariki can undertake their cultural practices. 
  • Identify opportunities where you can share knowledge about Muslim culture with your community.


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