Action research

Using an action research approach, we can measurably transform learner outcomes and influence system change

What is action research?

It is experiential and context-specific research; is focused on transformation and using evidence-based decision making. By putting data-driven tools for educational improvement in the hands of reflective kaiako, this methodology can help to narrow the theory-practice gap. 

An action research methodology enables Tātai Aho Rau Core Education to:

  • be collaborative and operate in real-world settings
  • demonstrate how findings and changes have helped ākonga, from early years to tertiary levels
  • show how projects have shifted educational practice and pedagogy 
  • inspire kaiako via examples of impact 
  • assist kaiako by producing new resources and professional learning opportunities
  • inspire learning communities to strive for best practice
  • enable educators and leaders to be change agents.

Why action research?

Tātai Aho Rau Core Education is proud of its history of original research and the positive impact these projects have had on learning communities in Aotearoa. We close the gap between research and practice by using a participatory action approach to inquiry. All our research incorporates kaupapa Māori principles and values.

At all levels of learning, from early years to adult education, our research team aims to: influence system change, support kaiako and leaders in all education settings, and improve learning outcomes for ākonga and their whānau. 

As well as planning and conducting action research projects with clients and partners, we can provide guidance through evaluation and consultancy services; we often conduct focus groups and surveys too.

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The strengths of Tātai Aho Rau’s approach

He Ariā Kōkirikiri

Tātai Aho Rau’s theory of action – He Ariā Kōkirikiri – informs our research methodology and how our researchers work with you to design and implement a project tailored to your unique needs.

  • First up, we listen to you and get to the heart of your situation. 
  • Then we apply our knowledge and frameworks to design and test ideas that will improve learning and stimulate innovative change. 
  • Our staff work alongside you throughout.
  • We also support you to evaluate the ongoing impact of findings and embed a sustainable research mindset.

Experience and specialist areas

Our researchers have experience working across all levels of education. Some come from practice, academia, consultancy, or policy. No matter their background, a high standard of research ethics is maintained and the mahi is highly respected. 

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Connecting research with policy and practice

Our researchers have an in-depth understanding of current educational policy and what the government is focused on achieving. We can place our research in a policy context for Aotearoa, outlining the challenges and opportunities the project findings present to decision makers. This follows the system change sequence of Research – Policy – Practice. 

As a provider of research-based design of professional learning, we provide a direct link between inquiry and practice. See our professional learning solutions.

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