Cloud Computing

The “Cloud” is growing significantly over the whole of the ICT world. Cloud computing refers to storage and processing that occurs in a networked environment rather than relying on the limits of a personal computer. In “the cloud”, storage and processing resources are allocated “on the fly ” among users based on their specific needs.

  • Infrastructure – a more sophisticated and robust understanding of the network infrastructure that is required for modern day, cloud-based environments is required by schools and school leaders.
  • Data – data no longer needs to be stored and managed within the school environment. It can be stored in a range of places, and accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  • Services – cloud-based services provide enormous advantages to schools, including reduced cost of ownership – both in terms of software and hardware investment, and in terms of support and upkeep. In the cloud, things like updates, version control and bug fixes can all be taken care of as a part of the service agreement.