Learning Services Manager

Greg Carroll


New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Facilitator Institute

Art of Facilitation (Joan Dalton and David Anderson)

National Diploma in Educational Management – Canterbury University

Bachelor of Education – Canterbury University

Diploma in Teaching – Christchurch College of Education

MoE accredited Facilitator - ACC #219

Teacher Registration - 101572 (Pumau/Full 2)

Professional profile

Greg is an experienced principal and joined Tātai Aho Rau Core Education (then known as CORE Education) in 2012. He jointly led the Learning with Digital Technologies programme across Aotearoa from 2013-16, and in this role supported more than 50 facilitators in their work across the country. During this time and since, he has also worked with many different groups to develop their strategic thinking, and to implement effective collaborative practice and quality curriculum in their settings.

Currently Greg leads the English medium facilitation team for Tātai Aho Rau, with responsibility for the education sector and direct to client mahi. He has particular experience supporting schools understanding and applying the science of learning to pedagogy, and implementing quality oral language and structured literacy programmes.



Greg has considerable experience as a principal and leader of effective school change. He has worked with leadership teams across Australia and Aotearoa developing strategic and professional learning programmes focused on improving outcomes in many different settings. Greg is an experienced facilitator of collaborative and team processes and has expertise supporting groups to work together in effective ways.

His contributions to the Tātai Aho Rau blog often explore aspects of leadership and change practice as well as practical and relevant classroom pedagogy.


Greg is a seasoned coach and mentor. He has successfully supported leadership initiatives, teams and individual development. He has particular expertise supporting teams whose key goals are gaining consensus and working collaboratively.

Science of Learning and Structured Literacy

Greg has supported numerous clusters and schools with programmes that apply scientific understandings about learning and language development over the past 25+ years. He led the three year project using the HPP literacy intervention programme across 26 schools in Otago.

A current passion is supporting educators of all kinds to apply their knowledge of cognitive science and literacy research to inform effective pedagogy and classroom practice. He leads our team focussing on structured literacy.

Responsive practice

Greg has worked in different cultural contexts and in a wide variety of school change and development settings. He has experience in designing and supporting programmes which cater for students with additional learning needs.

Effective pedagogy and localised curriculum design

Greg has supported schools and Kāhui Ako with designing their curriculum programmes to ensure consistency and quality practice. His work in NPDL is a key part of this, and the NPDL framework provides valuable support for those exploring ways to deepen learning outcomes and align their focus on localised and community impact outcomes.

Greg has significant experience supporting and developing oral language programmes that build teacher professional knowledge and enable them to design and implement quality literacy programmes.

Evaluative capability and assessment for learning

Greg has considerable experience in making sense of complex data and sharing information in ways that make sense to everyone. He is familiar with using a variety of tools and frameworks for effective self review and with designing professional learning programmes to address specific needs.


Personal statement

I am an experienced school leader and mentor and have a passion for ensuring that our education system supports all learners, teachers and leaders to achieve their potential and be the best they can be. My leadership experience gives me a clear understanding of supporting change and the fundamental importance of collaborative practice and strong relationships at all levels to ensure equity.

Supporting school leaders and clusters to have a clear vision, and to design high quality professional learning is my passion. One of my strengths is supporting teams of all sizes to make sense of complexity and to design effective plans and programmes for improvement.

I have a keen interest in supporting leaders and teams to apply the science of learning to classroom pedagogy, particularly in language and literacy instruction.

I have provided leadership in a wide range of often complex professional learning initiatives for many years, and have coached and mentored many aspiring and experienced leaders. I believe strongly that building effective relationships and ways of working together is fundamental to powerful, effective and sustainable change.