Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)

Region: Canterbury/Chatham Islands
Neville Myers Full shot v2


Trained Teachers’ Certificate – Christchurch College of Education

Professional profile

Neville joins CORE Education as a future-focused facilitator supporting teachers, middle leaders and students in the learning area of technology.

As an innovative educational leader, Neville draws on 30 years of experience in both rural and urban secondary schools. His work has been to support 100 + schools across Aotearoa New Zealand, enabling technology teachers as they engage with change. This has included, leading professional learning, facilitation of national messages, producing screen casts to support teachers’ understandings of external requirements related to assessments, and building collaborative learning area practices.

Prior to working at CORE, Neville was a Technology Curriculum Advisory for University of Canterbury and is the Director of Myersed Consultants where he has actively promoted inclusive classroom practices to build teachers capacity to support their learners. He has 12 years facilitation experience. Neville’s strengths include supporting leaders to engage in pedagogy that successfully meets the challenges of a constantly changing environment.


Neville is able to provide professional development or consultancy services in the following areas:

  • teacher understandings of the technology curriculum, moderation, assessment procedures, and strategies that
  • enable alignment to NZQA requirements
  • reviews of teaching programmes to align to the school and national vision for technology 2018-2020
  • technology department reviews
  • moderation and assessment of learning tasks
  • supporting teachers to engage with reflective practices, and teaching as inquiry
  • mentoring leadership and management of a department
  • data analysis and using the findings to make a difference to student engagement
  • reviewing and implementing culturally responsive practices
  • supporting teachers to develop their understandings of a range of digital devices to support student learning.

Personal statement

I was born in Dunedin, but I have spent most of my adult life in Christchurch. I am father to five, my 4 daughters and a son have provided me with a sound grounding and ongoing sense of how youth develop the concepts that drive their worlds. I enjoy meeting new people and looking for innovative learning opportunities to enhance the learning of our tamariki. I am passionate about understanding and improving education in 21st century classrooms and balance this commitment to the workplace with family, sport and the arts.