Region: Taranaki/Whanganui/Manawatu
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1983–85 Bachelor of Arts (History/Anthropology), (Massey, PN)
2001 Grad Dip Teaching (Massey University College of Education)

Professional profile

Joy is a primary school teacher with 20 years experience teaching at all levels.

In 2020 Joy won the Fulbright Distinguished Teacher Award and she spent August – December 2022 in Pennsylvania at Indiana, University of Pennsylvania on her Fulbright experience. She taught in two schools there as well as studying Environmental Biology.
Her research project surveyed current trends in integrated curriculum including STEM.

As a result she created the THREADS integrated planning framework that can be accessed on the VLN. It is designed as a self–guided handbook to support teachers to create their own integrated unit plans. This followed up five years developing an integrated curriculum approach in her own classroom that ensures learning is layered and has entry and exit points to suit a wide range of learning styles and levels.

Joy has many years experience supporting colleagues to explore and teach the science curriculum with confidence following being awarded a Science Teachers Leadership Programme place and, later, the Alumnus Award.

Being an 'Across Schools Teacher' from 2017-2018 gave her opportunities to run mini conferences bringing teachers together as a collaborative learning group.

Her Reading Recovery training underpins her belief in building students’ strengths across the curriculum.

After 20 fun and successful years teaching at all levels in the classroom she is delighted to be able to share her experience and passion for teaching and learning.


Integrated curriculum planning
Primary education
Public speaking


Weaving the THREADS – a journey into developing an integrated curriculum
approach (VLN)


Steve Spangler “Alaska – Science at Sea” 2018 (attended)
2016-2018 Committee for the Manawatu Science and Technology Fair
2012 Facilitator – The Science Project (CORE/Waikato University)

Awards/Fellowships/ Scholarships

2020–22 Fulbright Distinguished Teacher Award (FDAI)
2014 Advanced Classroom Education Teacher
2010 Primary Science Teachers Fellowship / 2012 Alumnus Award
2009 Edna Joyce Howe Distinguished Award

Personal statement

I am Joy Kitt and I like to see the lightbulbs go on over people’s heads when they discover new understanding for themselves.

I have been a passionate advocate for, and teacher of science for many years. I have been developing an integrated curriculum approach for the last five years because I believe exploring learning across as many strands of the curriculums possible makes richer, deeper opportunities for all learners.

I am a creative person who is happiest when she is sewing, knitting, gardening, cooking or making something out of nothing! I am delighted to be able to work alongside teachers to help them develop new skills and grow their practice.