Can coaching and mentoring help overcome imposter syndrome?

Grow your own capabilities or lead others.

Featuring: Amira Aman, Rochelle Savage

Tags: coaching, leadership, mentoring

How to feel comfortable in your role.

Join Rochelle Savage and Amira Aman as they kōrero on the common apprehensions and uncertainties of those in leadership positions - particularly in school environments but also relevant to leaders in other industries. 


Amira discusses the importance of coaching and mentoring, and how this supports leaders to gain clarity in their role and develop themselves personally and professionally. Highlighting that leadership isn't about mastering every responsibility overnight—it's about finding your place and embracing the evolution that comes with it. Amira and Rochelle focus on the understanding that imposter syndrome is a universal experience, but it doesn't have to define us. Together with a mentor or coach and in collaboration with other leaders, you confront the fear of the unknown, shift the focus to our strengths, and develop a sense of community support among leaders within your network.


Join us in this podcast as we focus on overcoming imposter syndrome, embracing the journey and empower ourselves to be better leaders.


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