Actively listen to parents

Supporting transitions for Muslim children: a resource for kaiako | teachers

“The main way of being respectful is by listening actively to the parents without any kind of judgement. It might not be what you believe, it might not be what you do in your home but this is something important for the families, this is from the families traditions and beliefs and they wouldn’t be communicating it with you if it wasn’t really important.”

- Dr Jane Taylor, Head Teacher, An-Nur Childcare Centre 


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Reflections for kaiako

As you watch this video, think about how you support Muslim children and their families when they transition to school.

As a team, consider how you can
  • Create a safe online space where kaiako and Muslim whānau can interact and be informed.
  • Create a culture of being curious about and embracing differences and similarities in the classroom. 
  • Actively address bullying and racism to ensure Muslim whānau can stand tall in their cultures, languages, and identities.
  • Embrace these important teaching dispositions when interacting with Muslim whānau: respect, courage, curiosity, critical reflection, warmth, openness, and love.


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