Tūhuratia te Iho Pūmanawa - De-streaming for equity

Workshops designed to help schools explore what it means to design for equity through flexible grouping and inclusive teaching practices.

De-streaming through an equity lens

Are you looking to create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment as you work towards eliminating streaming practices in your school? 

The Tūhuratia te Iho Pūmanawa – De-streaming for equity workshop series is designed to guide school leaders and teams through the de-streaming process, as you work towards achieving the goal to end streaming by 2030. These workshops will support you to identify bias and stereotyping in the classroom, strengthening your team with practical ways to implement positive change towards inclusive, equitable educational environments.

These tailored de-streaming workshops provide practical applications specific to your school. Engage with our facilitators to take the first steps in ensuring all ākonga have what they need to succeed.

These personalised workshops are perfect for staff meetings, long-term professional development, or teacher-only days.


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Workshop overview

Each workshop is 3.5 hours long, but can be adapted to the needs of your setting. You will be introduced to our Kia ea approach for equity and Kōkirihia’s framework for action.

These face-to-face workshops will be offered as a comprehensive package, and the cost will vary depending on need, prices per setting will be determined and communicated as our team builds a proposal alongside you

Workshop cost

The cost of the customised workshop for a minimum of 15 people ranges from $2,250+GST for one workshop to $6,075+GST for the entire package of three workshops. Discounts are available for groups of more than 15 people. Travel costs may vary. 

Join us on the destreaming journey and make a lasting impact on your students' educational experience.

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Tūhuratia te Iho Pūmanawa

"In te reo Māori Tūhura means to discover, disclose, bring to light, unearth, investigate and explore.
Pūmanawa / iho pūmanawa translates as ‘talent / cleverness / abilities’, but also has a meaning of ‘heart beat’.

It’s about seeing the whole child for who they are, without limiting judgements based on bias / race, leading to negative expectations.

These workshops are a ‘call to people’ to pay attention to, and have regard for, the talents of the child and to create opportunities to express those talents - again free from prejudice.

Using Tūhura for this kaupapa means we can also speak to the kaiako / teacher. By exposing / exploring / shining a light on the bias and teacher expectations - but at the same time talking to the talent / cleverness / abilities of the tamariki / learners that are at the heart of the kaupapa!

It’s also about kaiako learning how to uncover / discover the tools and practices that help them create high expectations for their learners to achieve remarkable outcomes."

Utilise regionally-allocated PLD funding for these workshops

The cost of this workshop can also be covered by regionally-allocated PLD funding as this kaupapa aligns with the Ministry’s priority areas and Te Mātaiaho, the refreshed NZ Curriculum. Free support is available to increase your chance of submitting a successful application. The next funding round for 2023 closes 15 September.

Find more information about RA PLD funding at this link or connect with one of our PLD Managers via the form below.

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