Innovative Learning Environment Planning Matrix

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This planning matrix has been created to assist school/centre leaders to prepare for the creation of innovative learning environments, whether as part of a re-development of an existing school/centre, or when building a new facility.

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What is the matrix?

  • The innovative learning environment (ILE) matrix provides a framework to guide boards of trustees (BoT), school leaders and others in their thinking about how to plan for and implement innovative approaches to learning spaces, to create a learning environment that supports the teaching and learning you desire.
  • The overview the matrix provides reveals what should be considered as school leaders consider any new learning space development, whether that involves building a new school from scratch, or simply re-developing or re-purposing some existing learning spaces.
  • The framework is designed to provide multiple entry points for engaging with it, depending on the area of concern/need or place in the transition process.
  • Using the matrix will assist with developing coherence in all aspects of the planning, implementing and reflecting of an ILE, across all areas of the school.

How the matrix is structured

The framework is divided into three sections and any of the elements within each section can be used as a start point for exploration and development of an action plan. The three areas are:

Big Ideas - exploring the big picture concepts of creating innovative learning environments.

Elements - the different elements of an ILE to consider.

Support Dimensions - exploring the things that support effective ILE’s.

Phases of the Matrix

The matrix uses a progression across the columns to illustrate the growing level of maturing in terms of development and implementation. The phases in this progression are:

Visioning - exploring the bigger question of ‘why’, and exploring what’s possible.

Scoping - doing the homework on what needs to be done before making a commitment to planning.

Planning - detailed planning of all aspects, including buildings, curriculum, professional learning etc.

Implementing - making it happen, ensuring alignment, meeting milestones etc.

Sustaining - ensuring the outcome will endure and continue to support innovative learning well into the future.

Get our free Innovative Learning Environment Matrix now!

Download the Innovative Learning Environment Matrix

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