Strengthening the connection to our language, culture and identity

Tags: cultural intelligence, learning, student engagement, critical conversations, Mātauranga Māori

A kōrero with Janelle Riki-Waaka and Maraea Hunia

In this podcast, Janelle Riki-Waaka and Maraea Hunia explore a range of impactful topics surrounding Māori language use, the growth of tamariki, and identity. They begin by unpacking the profound impact of language, culture, and identity on Māori athletes' success, from grassroots to international acclaim. They also explore the connection tamariki can have with their cultural heritage through reo Māori, leading to enhanced academic achievements. Janelle passionately discusses the potential of the next generation, collectively shaping a future workforce aligned with the principles of te ao Māori.


🌟 Unpacking Success: Explore the remarkable journey of Māori athletes and understand the crucial role language, culture, and identity play in their achievements.

📚 Connecting Tamariki: Learn about the transformative power of reo Māori in enhancing academic achievements and helping discover one's identity.

💼 Shaping the Future Workforce: Dive into the discussion about the powerful next generation and their influence on creating inclusive, te ao Māori-aligned workplaces. 


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