Leading from a place of strength - Jeanne Teisina and Ruta McKenzie

Tags: Tongan, learning

In this podcast Dr Jeanne Teisina and Tinā Ruta McKenzie explore the importance of the ‘api lens' in the Tongan culture, and life cycle. Learn about tailoring and customising education to capture the essence of being Tongan, nurturing a strong sense of identity and cultural understanding in our children from an early age.

Dr. Jeanne emphasises the importance of a curriculum that not only educates but also reflects the unique heritage of the Pacific, empowering the younger generation to embrace and celebrate their roots. She talks about leading from a place of strength reflecting the core values of the Tongan heritage. Challenge us to consider that once we have a sound understanding of our cultural heritage we can then use this to inform our daily practices, aligning with our spiritual beliefs and empowering us to create positive learning environments for our tamariki.