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Supporting transitions for Muslim children: a resource for kaiako | teachers

“Find out about the child’s culture and about the child’s faith, and once the child builds faith in the teachers and the teachers wrap their arms around that child, that’s when they have the ability to flourish and to develop to their best potential.” 

- Saba Khan-Hunt, parent 


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Reflections for kaiako

As you watch this video, think about how you support Muslim children and their families when they transition to school.

As a team
  • Learn about Muslim culture and include this in your transition planning.
  • Connect with Muslim whānau, tamariki, and their early years kaiako to support the continuity of learning.
  • Learn more about Muslim cultural practices such as Ramadan and Eid. 
  • Find out about home languages.  
  • Create a safe inclusive space for Muslim whānau to talk about their children’s transitions, their values, and their aspirations for their tamariki.


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